'Abstract' Art Workout 18th June 2020

Mike Squires - 'Charlie' - Digital Angela Musil - Abstract One - Acrylic Clive Dand - Figure in the Studio - Pastel Clive Dand - Bowl of Roses - Collage Angela Musil - Abstract Two - Acrylic Mike Squires - Marilyn Monroe - Digital Illustration Angela Musil - Abstract Three - Acrylic Ali Kilby - Meadow - Acrylic on 300gsm watercolour paper "Inspired by my dog walks in the Kent countryside" Ali Kilby - Watergarden - Acrylic on canvas "I used our family names as a start (written all over the canvas) I was inspired by the colours in my garden and it just developed from there." Pamela Hudson - Into The Blue - Watercolour Sally White - At Hole Park Garden - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Shed No Tears - Watercolour, Pen and Ink “The present time has thrown some things into sharp relief – all the things we liked, loved and took for granted. Sometimes we would like to cry like a little child about the hope and certainties lost. But nothing ever stays the same, anyway, even if we think it does. There is always evolution and often, with hindsight, bad things have a way of bringing about good. So shed no tears, everything will be alright in the end.”