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Summer Exhibition 2020 - Art Unlocked

September 12th - October 10th online


Welcome to the 2020 WoKAS summer exhibition that,f or first time ever, is completely online.


Our members have put together a wonderful array of art that can be viewed by clicking on the links below (to see the work of specific artists) or simply click here to browse the whole collection.

Every piece of art shown here includes a link to the artist so that you can learn more about them and, hopefully, buy the art so that you can enjoy it for real. By buying a work of art you will support and encourage the artist and a proportion of the price that you pay will provide funds for the Weald of Kent Art Society.


WoKAS is a group of volunteers, based in Tenterden, Kent, England made up of amateur and professional artists that was founded in 1962 to encourage art and the appreciation of art. If you are an artist you are very welcome to join the group.

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