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The Weald of Kent Art Society is a fun, vibrant and friendly group of enthusiasts of all ages and artistic levels. 
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WOKAS Autumn Exhibition  8-13 November 2021
Featuring the inaugural NFU Mutual Art Prize 
See art from exhibition online now

This year's Weald of Kent Art Society Autumn Exhibition - the first physical exhibition post-lockdown - ran from 8 to 13 November 2021. It was held for the first time in St Mildred's Church, a centrally located venue in Tenterden. A great number of visitors to the exhibition commented on the beautiful exhibition space and the high standard of work on display.

A highlight of this year's exhibition was the announcement of the winner of the inaugural NFU Mutual Art Prize - awarded for a single piece of art on show. WOKAS Chairman Clive Dand said the Society is delighted to have NFU Mutual's support for the creative arts: “It has been a difficult time for all artists during lockdown, trying to find inspiration while being confined, and this Art Prize is just the boost we all need.”  

Artist Profiles

We are building up a set of member profiles that will help you get to know us better and, hopefully, encourage you to find out more about our work and possibly even consider becoming a WOKAS member!

The profiles created so far can be seen on our member profile page and include :

WOKAS newsletter 

See the current issue of our new WOKAS newsletter that is now available. Click to download your copy of issue 6.

We do hope you enjoy reading it.

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L5D_2120 Leelee Kock winner of Chairman's Prize 2021 cro.jpg
L5D_2044 preview crowd 7Nov21 cro.jpg

The WOKAS Chairman's Prize in 2021 went to Leelee Kock for her collagraph piece of 'Pears and Plum'.

Visitors to the exhibition also voted for their favourite piece of art and these are the results of the public vote:

1. 'A Quiet Place' by Tony Langham

2. 'Attitude' by Nicola Colbran

3. 'Crash Landing' by Graham Lock

4. 'Sheep Station' by John Hamilton

The artist with the most votes overall was Giuseppe Bertoli, followed by Nicola Colbran.

L5D_2080 JHamilton winner of NFU Mutual art prize.JPG

John Hamilton received the prize from NFU Mutual's Private Client Executive Jodie Dane - for 'Through the Ravine', a vibrant interpretation in acrylic of an Italian landscape. 

Demo with Hashim Akib
Magic with acrylics

Before a full house, Hashim Akib worked his magic with acrylics. His interpretation of a tea-time scene in a hotel started with some well considered downward strokes with a wide brush on a dark blue canvas. Gradually the picture emerged and suddenly a point was reached where the seemingly random dabs with all sides of the brush had created tables, faces and flowers in the wider setting of a heigh ceilinged room. Hashim's commentary - not only on painting matters - was most interesting. He says: "There is no right way - right is what feels right for me."  He feels it is important to be unpredictable and make a conclusive mark.

Hash Akib 1p.jpg
Hash Akib 2.JPG
Hash Akib 3.JPG
Hash Akib 4.JPG
Tony Langham - A Quiet Place.jpg
Nicola Colbran - Attitude.jpg

1   3

2   4

Graham Lock - Crash Landing.jpg
John Hamilton - Sheep Station.jpg
Workshop: Life Drawing
Masterclass with Clive Dand
Clive Dand Life workshop 20 Nov 21.jpg
Clive Dand Life workshop 20 Nov 21 - pic 2jpg.jpg

Clive Dand who led the workshop said “14 WOKAS members worked very hard for four hours and produced some excellent work”.  Clive considers life drawing one of the most important exercises in training the eye and giving you confidence to decide on composition and tone. It is intense and exhausting, always a struggle, but also rewards the artist with a feeling of accomplishment. This is very much how those WOKAS members felt for whom it was a new experience to draw a model in quick successive poses.

Talk by Rowena McWilliams
Collage, acrylic, oil and moving images

Altogether thirty-two artists were featured in the exhibition with over 150 works of art on show. 

See the online gallery of works exhibited here.

Click to browse the exhibition catalogue here.

Gunda Cannon - Food for the soul
Gunda Cannon - Food for the soul

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Wendy Sabine - Wildcat near Loch Maree
Wendy Sabine - Wildcat near Loch Maree

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Caroline Anderson - River Bank
Caroline Anderson - River Bank

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Gunda Cannon - Food for the soul
Gunda Cannon - Food for the soul

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Art Unlocked 2

WOKAS members created some wonderful pieces of art for the online exhibition that ran throughout May 2021. You can visit the archive of the exhibition online here 

And, you can still view the diverse range of art from the summer 2020 exhibition.

Rowena McWilliams talk 21-10-21  cro.jpg

WOKAS member Rowena McWilliams' illustrated talk provided insight into her working methods and included practical advice on framing, submitting to exhibitions and marketing your work. Rowena also demonstrated how she came to take painting a step further by animating elements of her paintings. During November her work is on show at ArtSpring Gallery, Tonbridge. www.rowenas.art

Challenges release stunning art from lock-down

Throughout the year we have been running creative challenges where members have just a few weeks to produce a piece of art to a specific theme.

The results have been amazing across a whole

Rowena Collage
Rowena Collage

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Sheila Klein - Badger
Sheila Klein - Badger

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Rowena Collage
Rowena Collage

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range of media ... pen, pencil, watercolour, oil,
acrylic, clay,  maplewood and more. 

Summer 2020 also produced over 90 pictures across eight challenges - all of these may be seen together at

 2020-21 Art Challenge.

Art Challenge 2021 logo.png