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Autumn Exhibition 2021

The Weald of Kent Art Society Autumn 2021 Exhibition was held in St Mildred’s Church, Tenterden, from 8-13 November 2021.


John Hamilton was the recipient of the inaugural NFU Mutual Art Prize – awarded for a single piece of art on show – for 'Through the Ravine', a vibrant interpretation in acrylic of an Italian landscape. 


Leelee Kock was awarded the WOKAS Chairman's Prize for her collagraph piece of 'Pears and Plum'.


Altogether 32 artists were featured in the exhibition with over 150 works of art on show:

Caroline Anderson

Jude Askey-Brown

David Aspinall

Phil Auden

Giuseppe Bertoli

Gunda Cannon

Alison Chandler

Nicola Colbran

Clive Dand

Glyn L Evans

Mark Farrow

John Hamilton

Christopher Hautot

Christine Hopwood

Leelee Kock

Tony Langham

Graham Lock

Pat Lock

E M Maisey

Rowena McWilliams

Michele O’Neill

Wendy Phillips

Kate Rundell

Wendy Sabine

Gareth Smith

Sara Smith

Susan Smith

Eric Standing

Judith Strickland

Sally White

Judy Williams

Joanna Winston

Visitors to the exhibition voted for their favourite piece of art and these are the results of the public vote: congratulations to Tony Langham (1. 'A Quiet Place'), Nicola Colbran (2. 'Attitude'), Graham Lock (3. 'Crash Landing'), John Hamilton (4. 'Sheep Station') and to Giuseppe Bertoli who received the most votes overall.                                                          Click to browse the exhibition catalogue here.

If you are interested in buying any of the originals below, please get in touch with us via the CONTACT page.

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