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Pat Lock

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I came to art through History seeing art as an aspect of the socio-political changes that occurred.


Being married to an artist meant that I saw how art was made and so I dabbled. Some time ago we travelled through Eastern Europe and on a hot, sunny day in Budapest I saw my first icon studio. The 'artist' was using centuries' old materials and techniques to produce beautiful images. Several years later I found a marvellous teacher, Ann Welch, and a course in 'Icon Writing'. Through her, I met a group of icon writers working in Rochester and they asked me to join them.


I use the term 'writing' because icons are an integral part of the Orthodox liturgy and as such are not seen as paintings – but I make them, using traditional methods because I enjoy their beauty and not for any religious reason.

“I make them because I enjoy their beauty”

I usually copy (and as a 'learner' I can't do otherwise) early Russian icons because I admire the numerous schools – the colours, particularly of those from Novgorod, and the intricate patterns and decoration applied, but I have also copied early Byzantine images.

“As a ‘learner’ I have to copy

the intricate patterns and decoration”


I have had several commissions, I have sold icons that have been exhibited with local art groups and through a gallery at the Affordable Art Fair at Battersea, but usually, I write icons for myself or as gifts for family and friends.

Other than icons I enjoy painting with acrylics and printing linocuts and collagraphs.

Pat Lock is based in Chatham. 
Profile supplied by the artist, April 2021.


Pat Lock.jpg

Pat Lock, April 2021

St Anne & the Virgin - 15th century Greek

The Annunciation - 12th century, Novgorod

St John the Theologian in Silence - 16th century, N Russia

The Man in the Hat - reduction linoprint

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