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Summer Exhibition 2023 - 29th May to 3rd June 2023

The Weald of Kent Art Society Summer 2023 Exhibition was held in St Mildred’s Church, Tenterden, where 34 artists were featured in the exhibition with over 170 works of art on show

Caroline Anderson
David Aspinall
Giuseppe Bertoli
Andy Butler
Alison Chandler
Nicola Colbran
Clive Dand
Glyn Evans
Mark Farrow

Michael Gillam
June Grindley
John Hamilton
Christine Hopwood
Leelee Kock
Tony Langham
Jeanette Lewing
Alex Line
Graham Lock

Pat Lock
Margaret Maisey
Angela Musil
Michele O’Neill    
Wendy Phillips
Phil Presland
Glyn Roberts
Ron Rous

Kate Rundell
Wendy Sabine
Lynne Slatter
Gareth Smith
Pat Smith
Sara Smith
Bernard Winchester
Holly Wright

The WOKAS Chairman's Prize was awarded to Alex Line for his oil portrait of Sir David Attenborough, while the NFU Mutual Ashford, Tenterden and Whitfield Art Prize was awarded to Holly Wright for her acrylic piece 'Reflections'.

WOKAS Chairman's Prize was awarded for Alex Line's oil of Sir David Attenborough

Holly Wright's prize winning acrylic 'Reflections' which won the NFU Mutual Ashford, Tenterden & Whitfield Art Prize 2023

Visitors to the exhibition were able to vote for their favourite painting and artist. Alex Line’s oil painting of Sir David Attenborough received the most votes, followed by Andy Butler’s ‘Summer Hedgerow’ and ‘Tentative steps’ by Lynne Slatter. The artists who garnered the greatest number of votes overall were Alex Line, Graham Lock and Giuseppe Bertoli.

Autumn Exhibition 2022 - 31st October-5th November 2022

St Mildred's Church, Tenterden - 31 Oct - 5 Nov 2022

The Mayor of Tenterden, John Crawford, opened the exhibition during the preview evening on Sunday October 30th where prizes were awarded.


The exhibition provided a broad spectrum of new, original works from more traditional figurative to contemporary art and sculpture. 

Many visitors voted for their favourite painting. The top three were ....

Sunrise Over the Delta by John Hamilton.jpg
Evening Light by Graham Lock.jpg
Whitstable Harbour by Andy Butler.jpg

"Sunrise Over the Delta"

by John Hamilton

"Evening Light"

by Graham Lock

"Whitstable Harbour"

by Andy Butler

Two prizes were awarded by the Mayor of Tenterden, Cllr John Crawford, during the preview of the exhibition. The NFU Mutual prize was won by Andy Butler for his very detailed watercolour “Whitstable Harbour”,  and the Chairman’s prize was won by Phil Presland for his colourful and dramatic painting “Maisie”.

“Maisie” by Phil Presland

Maisie by Phil Presland.jpg
WOKAS Autumn Exhibition  8-13 November 2021
Featuring the inaugural NFU Mutual Art Prize 
See art from exhibition online now

The 2021 Weald of Kent Art Society Autumn Exhibition - the first physical exhibition post-lockdown - ran from 8 to 13 November 2021. It was held for the first time in St Mildred's Church, a centrally located venue in Tenterden. A great number of visitors to the exhibition commented on the beautiful exhibition space and the high standard of work on display.

L5D_2044 preview crowd 7Nov21 cro.jpg

A highlight of the Autumn Exhibition was the announcement of the winner of the inaugural NFU Mutual Art Prize - awarded for a single piece of art on show. WOKAS Chairman Clive Dand said the Society is delighted to have NFU Mutual's support for the creative arts: “It has been a difficult time for all artists during lockdown, trying to find inspiration while being confined, and this Art Prize is just the boost we all need.”  

L5D_2080 JHamilton winner of NFU Mutual art prize.JPG

John Hamilton received the prize from NFU Mutual's Private Client Executive Jodie Dane - for 'Through the Ravine', a vibrant interpretation in acrylic of an Italian landscape. 

The WOKAS Chairman's Prize in 2021 went to Leelee Kock for her collagraph piece of 'Pears and Plum'.

Visitors to the exhibition also voted for their favourite piece of art and these are the results of the public vote:

1. 'A Quiet Place' by Tony Langham

2. 'Attitude' by Nicola Colbran

3. 'Crash Landing' by Graham Lock

4. 'Sheep Station' by John Hamilton

The artist with the most votes overall was Giuseppe Bertoli, followed by Nicola Colbran.

Tony Langham - A Quiet Place.jpg
Graham Lock - Crash Landing.jpg
L5D_2120 Leelee Kock winner of Chairman's Prize 2021 cro.jpg
Nicola Colbran - Attitude.jpg

1   3

2   4

John Hamilton - Sheep Station.jpg

Altogether thirty-two artists were featured in the exhibition with over 150 works of art on show. 

See the online gallery of works exhibited here.

Click to browse the exhibition catalogue here.

Spring Exhibition 1st - 31st May 2021 - online

Art Unlocked 2 2021 Poster thumbnail.png

The spring 2021 exhibition, with over 80 pieces of art, was wonderful


Revisit the pictures from this exhibition.

Summer Exhibition 12th September - 10th October 2020


In the late summer of 2020 the complete WoKAS summer exhibition was online


WoKAS members displayed over 100 works of art through this website.


The art can be seen here.

Winter Exhibition  9th-14th December 2019


This was the last exhibition in our series over several years held at Zion Baptist Church, Tenterden

Spring Exhibition  5th-11th May 2019

A4 WOKAS SPRING FLYER 3 2019 correction.

We welcomed many visitors in spring 2019 when they visited to our exhibition, where we had art of all genres and styles to enjoy. 

Open Day, March 16th 2019


Winter Art Exhibition 2018

The exhibition was held at the Zion Baptist Church, Tenterden from Monday, November 26th – Saturday, December 1st 2018 with a Preview Evening, being held on 7pm Sunday, November 25th

The exhibition commenced with the Preview Evening at 7pm on Sunday 25th November where many of the artists were present and the event was officially opened by WoKAS president David Aspinall and Rev Jerry Newson.

WOKAS FLYER Winter 2018.jpg

WoKAS president David Aspinall and Rev Jerry Newson open the exhibition

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