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Mark Farrow

Mark Farrow was born in Kent and has lived locally in Tenterden since 2002. Following a career in the City of London he now spends his time enjoying a range of artistic pursuits.



As well as being a member of the Weald of Kent Art Society (WOKAS) he writes and publishes thrillers (under a pseudonym) and also enjoys composing and recording contemporary music. His social media profile describes him as a “writer, musician, artist, film extra, quizmeister, wine connoisseur, head gardener, beer taster, chief washer-upper and all-round top bloke”.



Mark dabbles occasionally with brushes and easel, mostly in acrylic and watercolour. However his real passion is digital photomontage, using photography to create original and limited edition fine art prints.


He has developed his own unique style and technique involving multiple layers, textures and blended colours. Photomontage is essentially a collage created from digital photographs using computer software to create new and unique compositions.

"Pieces that blur the boundaries between

photography and fine art"


Digital Photomontage prints are original works of art in their own right, as opposed to being photographic reproductions of artworks that exist as originals in another medium. There is no original painting or drawing involved – images are conceived as prints from the outset, much like those produced from a stone or wood block or a copper plate. This surface is intended by the artist to be a stage in the creation of the artwork, so the original work of art is the print itself, rather than the medium from which it has been created.


"Images are conceived as prints from the outset"


Mark loves working with still life and landscapes and typically produces framed, limited edition giclée prints. His aim is to create beautiful and aesthetic pieces that blur the boundaries between photography and fine art.



Mark Farrow is based in Tenterden, Kent.

Profile supplied by artist, November 2021.



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Mark Farrow.jpg

Mark Farrow

Porthtowan 4.jpg

Porthtowan No.4

Jug & Plums.jpg

Jug and Plums

Scotney Castle - Autumn.jpg

Scotney Castle - Autumn

Bouquet & Fruit.jpg

Bouquet and Fruit

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