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  • Kate Rundell

Dawn to Dusk

Another great collection of work from members.

Bruno Del Tufo

Pencil sketch

Lynn Slatter

Cornish Sunset


Lynne Slatter

Sunset in the city

“This painting, using acrylics, was done by speedily painting over a print of a photograph. Having only around 30 minutes to complete the task stopped me from getting too detailed and tight.”

Beverley Benson

Water based oil

The view from my sons beach house at Stillbaii South Africa

Ron Rous

A view from my window looking to the East so it must be sunrise, purely imaginary though.

Also I used watercolour rather than my usual acrylics!

Glyn Evans

Five Trees

Inspired by the variety of trees in the neighbourhood in winter and the different effects the time of day can have on the apparent colour of the sun and its effect on the landscape. Watercolour.

I was lucky to find a five sectioned frame for five pounds in a charity shop that just fitted the bill.

Philip Presland

Storm coming

Acrylic image captured on an evening walk

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