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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Members have produced some wonderful paintings in response to this challenge.

Tim Sparkes


The sadness of leaving war-torn Ukraine


Alison Chandler

Hope and Despair

David Bedford

Duke of York

'oh! dear'


By David Bedford

Sheila Klein


A place of mourning

Lynne Slatter

Brotherly Love


My 5 year old grandson looking after his 2 year old sister on a camping holiday last year.

Judy Williams


Walking away, losing, old age, sadness.

My 94 husband has dementia.

Leelee Kock

Happy Days

Gouache and Pencil

Michael Haynes


From a photo that was recently in the Telegraph of an Ukrainian lady

Clive Dand

War I

Clive Dand

War II

Susan Stewart


"A portrait of the well known cook Nadiya. Apparently, despite the happy outward appearances that she presents to the camera, she suffers from anxiety related problems."

Gunda Cannon

Fear - how to overcome it

The German text says that the way out of fear leads straight through it… i.e. you have to go through fear to be liberated of it. I think that’s quite a strong thought.

June Grindley

Faith, Hope and Charity/Love

"Here is a collage of faith, hope and charity/ love...apparently snowdrops signify hope, love and sympathy. "

Kate Rundell

Love, Devotion and Affection

Indian Ink and Watercolour

Ron Rous

A Moving Moment

"A very watery acrylic painting. It is a moving moment from 15 years ago when our first grandchild was born."

June Grindley

Joy! And I suspect Freedom!

Caroline Anderson-Jones

Mother Love

Glyn Evans

The Watch Ashore

Oil on Board

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