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  • Kate Rundell

Extend an Image

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

This was our brief:-


Your challenge is to use this image and extend it!

Print off the image and attach it to your canvas/paper/board - in any orientation and anywhere on the surface.

Extend lines, shapes, colours in any way you want to produce a "new" image - figurative or abstract.

It is a tiny part of an existing painting, but try to make it your own.

This was the image members used

The snippet was taken from Paul Gaugin's "The Yellow Christ

Sally White

My interpretation of the snippet of picture you sent us.

I’ve worked it into a photo I had of walking along a walkway at Barley Cove in Co. Cork Ireland. The boat is the brown bit from your picture and has been ‘borrowed’ from Dungeness!

Gunda Cannon

Honister Pass, Lake District

Watercolour, pen and ink

270 x 200 mm

Leelee Kock

Graham Lock

My 'extended' watercolour (with the original extract supplied in the top left hand corner) fills just over a quarter of the whole piece in the bottom right. This was scanned, printed in different sizes, mainly with the colour desaturated, and all the images mounted overlapping each other behind the original.

Alison Chandler

Mindful - Pastel

Not sure about the quality of the outcome, but producing it was a very relaxing, mindful experience!

Pat Lock


Acrylic on gessoed board

Clive Dand

Spring daffodils

Pencils and biro

Lesley Feakes

I kept turning it around till I found something.

Not very good though I fear ..

Multi media

Cliff view

Michael Haynes

I have to say that it was very difficult to make anything of the ‘scrap' you provided — I concluded I had no imagination but anyway here is my try and believing it is somewhere in the style of the real picture.

Judy Williams

Bubbles over something

Chris Hautot

A Triffid maybe?

Chris Schalburg

The Circus

It was a very difficult piece of painting to integrate

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1 Comment

Judy Williams
Judy Williams
Mar 18, 2021

Some are so clever with the challenge pice totally integrated and that was very clever!

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