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'Portaits' Art Workout 21st May 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Tony Langham - Portrait of Clive Dand

Mike Squires - Self Portrait, Swinging Fifties

Mike Squires - Kilkenny, Ireland 1930 - Metallic Watercolours on Canvas

Clive Dand - Self Portrait - Oil

Alison Chandler - Self Portrait

Gunda Cannon - Young Boy - Charcoal

David Aspinall - Hamish - Oil

David Aspinall - Self Portrait - Oil

Sheil Klein - Self Portrait

Judy Williams - Self Portrait

Graham Lock - Portrait - Pencil

Angela Musil - Boy - Watercolour

Leelee Kock - Self Portrait - Charcoal and Conte Pencil

Angela Musil - Girl - Oil

Kate Rundell - A virtual dinner for isolated friends - pen and watercolour

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1 Comment

Ali Bradley
May 21, 2020

Wow, great work, I recognise several artists here. Portraits are hard, I wimped out of this one! Well done everyone. I loved the video too.

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