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  • Kate Rundell

The Dark Challenge

This is an interesting selection of work from our members.

Glyn Evans

It is the old night ferry from Holyhead to Belfast

Acrylics on board

Ron Rous

The view from upstairs across buildings to beyond


Caroline Anderson-Jones

Christine Ilari

After a painting by Georges de la Tour entitled 'Saint Joseph, the Carpenter', using pastels on black card

Patricia Smith

Night Sky Scape


Alison Chandler

The Dark - painted for my 3 yr old granddaughter!

Beverley Benson

Bruno Del Tufo

Bruno Del Tufo

Angela Musil

Dark Thoughts

Michael Haynes

Determined — Mayor of the city of Odessa Ukraine Inspired by a photo in the Daily Telegraph of the mayor of Odessa in Ukraine

Ron Rous

The Dark I

Simply inspired by the maritime pines that overlook my garden

Clive Dand

June Grindley

'STILL in the DARK AGES' !!!

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