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Work in the Style of an Artist

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

This challenge was to Work in the Style of an Artist

Our brief was:- 'Try your hand at a painting of in the style of another well known artist. You may like to choose your favourite classical artist, or maybe one of the impressionists.'

Members have sent in some wonderful pieces.

Glyn L Evans

Valley Homes in the style of that great Welsh artist Sir Kyffin Williams.

Graham Lock

Watercolour 9" X 7"

After 'The Persistence of Memory' (1931) Salvador Dali's kitchen can't take the strain of Covid19 and another lockdown

Gunda Cannon

Rowland Hilder (1905-1993) is one of my favourite landscape artists.

‘Under a winter sun’ is based on a Hilder landscape that was a combination of etching and aquatint.

Glyn L Evans

Caernarfon Castle inspired by a poster designed by Norman Wilkinson CBE RI

Lesley Feakes

“I have long thought the trees at Charing roundabout remind of a John Nash painting ,

here is my attempt at similar .“

Clive Dand

Oil painting, my interpretation from a figure drawing in the style of the English artist Keith Vaughan

Clive Dand

My original charcoal sketch

Clive Dand

Pastel in the style of Renoir

Pat Lock

In the style of Helen Frankenthaler, one of the leading Abstract Expressionist painters who pioneered the Colour Field painting technique. She used diluted acrylic paint on untreated canvas so that the paint soaked into it.

Alison Chandler

Oil in the style of .... Braque???

Pat Lock

In the style of Ben Nicholson. He was greatly influenced by Cubism & over many years experimented with a variety of forms. In 1935 he produced his most innovative relief work - seen by many as a mechanistic extreme in abstraction. He used an old, worn table top found in a junk shop, cut it , shaped it and painted it white. My attempt is merely card!

David Dixon

In the style of Van Gogh

Caroline Anderson-Jones

In the style of Bob Ross

Michael Haynes

A lonely girl

"Tried copying a ‘little bit’ one of Toulouse Lautrec works. Good fun but he was so good that my effort does not give any credit to him!"

Gunda Cannon

Rowland Hilder (1905-1993) is one of my favourite landscape artists.

‘Bane revisited’ is based on one of Hilder’s b&w illustrations for Mary Webb’s Precious Bane

Glyn L Evans


This is from a Farewell Dinner Menu for the 1930s cruise liner "Arcadian" by Kenneth D Shoesmith RI.

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