Art of the Close-up

We were given an informative brief for this challenge:- Art of the Close-up Your next challenge is to produce a work inspired by a close-up view of something familiar. Your work can be as large as you like, but should represent a close examination of its subject. If you are looking for inspiration, an obvious place to start are the flower paintings of Georgia O'keeffe, whose painting Oriental Poppies has become an icon. Other artists have looked at fruit for inspiration – see Dennis Wojtkiewiczartand Kamille Saabre. You could also find your subject in the human body, such as this painting of a single eye by Thomas Saliot. However, your inspiration doesn’t have to come from something organic, it could come from simple items around the home. Domenico Gnoli’s paintings frequently featured shoes, while Ellen Altfest’s often examine everyday fabrics in detail. It would be great to see some semi-abstract images inspired by the unusually close view of familiar objects, such as Michael Craig Martin’s Full Life Jason Smith I have much Heart Maple and Acrylic Bowl 22 x 5cm Angela Musil Raindrops on a Leaf Angela Musil Shells Clive Dand Mother and Child Clay Judy Williams Katherine's Mussel Acrylic on Paper Gunda Cannon Apple halves Watercolour, pen and ink 210 x 140 mm Sally White Shoe Susan Smith Chaz Sheila Klein Rain Drops on Plastic Pat Lock A Pine Cone Acrylic on board Michael Haynes Bluetit Kate Rundell Button Watercolour Chris Schalburg Corner of the Kitchen Watercolour and Pencil Leelee Kock Woodland Patch Guiseppe Bertoli A Vase of Flowers Acrylic on board Graham Lock Hinged Alison Chandler Orchid David Dixon Eraser Drawn freehand on 300g paper with ink Pencil and acrylic 40x30 cm Caroline Anderson-Jones Pebbles