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Winter Challenge - Interpretation

Our first Winter Challenge was to create an artistic interpretation of a photo of a landscape. Graham Lock Version One It was the foreground that for me was of most interest so I have emphasised that by redesigning its size.  The foreground is painted with an emphasis on warm colours, some of which are introduced into the sky.  I have also emphasised the essentially horizontal lines in the photo with a very horizontal format for the painting. Graham Lock Version Two Watercolour Clive Dand Oil Alison Chandler I wanted to paint simplified shapes with heightened colour so did a couple of sketches in acrylic to choose a colour palette and discovered that I quite liked the effect of the white ground showing between blocks of colour. I hadn’t planned the rocks and foreground in detail but the rocks worked out fairly well with a reasonable degree of simplification. However, I found it hard to get the grass and path in the foreground to fit the style of the rest of the painting. Not sure it’s finished yet but the oils are too sticky to work on now! David Dixon It was an interesting if somewhat challenging assignment. I concentrated on the centre of the photograph and simplified what I saw, eliminating what I considered to be unnecessary for the composition. This is an oil and is loosely based on Nicholas de Stael using small blocks of oil colour to give a blurred effect. Pat Lock Acrylic David Dixon It was an interesting if somewhat challenging assignment. I concentrated on the centre of the photograph and simplified what I saw, eliminating what I considered to be unnecessary for the composition. This was was influenced by Hockney, using water colour. I used colour to highlight the field contents and lift the scene. Gunda Cannon There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way Watercolour, pen and ink 330 x 230 mm “I loved the undulating contours of the Arran photo but wanted to infuse it with more vibrant colours. It’s a calm, serene scene so I made the waves roll along peacefully with the words of the Buddha: There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. I like the contrast between the precise strokes of the pen and the diffuse effects achieved by watercolour on wet.” Jason Smith The wood is “Indian bean tree” and the bowl is a variation of one of my long standing series of “centrifugal bowls”. I orientated the woodgrain on the painted face to try to incorporate it in to my interpretation. Once background colours had been applied I then use acrylic paints “spun out” while under power on the lathe to produce the interpretation as I see it. Rowena McWilliams Collage

'Garden' Art Workout Challenge

Angela Musil - In My Garden - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Grotto Garden, Lisbon - Watercolour, pen and ink Bernard Winchester - An Irish Garden - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Monk's House, Rodmell - Watercolour Leelee Kock - Pots In The Garden - pen, ink and gouache

'Water' Art Workout Challenge - 16th July 2020

Bernard Winchester - Leeds Castle Moat - Watercolour Graham Lock - oil Bernard Winchester - A Lake in the Forest - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Crater Lake - Watercolour, Pen and Ink Angela Musil - Lake of Starnberg, South End - Watercolour Angela Musil - Lake of Starnberg, North End - Watercolour Pamela Hudson - Horgabost Beach, Isle of Harris - Oil Caroline Anderson-Jones - Water Interpretation II Caroline Anderson-Jones - Water Interpretation I Clive Dand - Rye Bay towards Dungeness - Oil Clive Dand - The Cliffs at Pett - Oil Angela Musil - River Medway - Watercolour Angela Musil - Rocks and Sea - Watercolour

'Interiors' Workout Challenge 2nd July 2020

Bernard Winchester - A Viennese Cafe - Watercolour Graham Lock - Dylan Thomas' Studio - Watercolour - Sold David Aspinall - The Old Chest - Watercolour Sally White - Spare Room - Pen and Wash Angela Musil - Teatime - Watercolour Angela Musil - In The Kitchen - Watercolour Angela Musil - In A Cafe In Vienna - Watercolour Clive Dand - Wells Cathedral - Charcoal Leelee Kock - Breakfast - Gouache Gunda Cannon - Refuge - Watercolour, Pen and Ink David Aspinall - La Dolce Vita - Watercolour David Aspinall - Pympne Manor - Watercolour

'Abstract' Art Workout 18th June 2020

Mike Squires - 'Charlie' - Digital Angela Musil - Abstract One - Acrylic Clive Dand - Figure in the Studio - Pastel Clive Dand - Bowl of Roses - Collage Angela Musil - Abstract Two - Acrylic Mike Squires - Marilyn Monroe - Digital Illustration Angela Musil - Abstract Three - Acrylic Ali Kilby - Meadow - Acrylic on 300gsm watercolour paper "Inspired by my dog walks in the Kent countryside" Ali Kilby - Watergarden - Acrylic on canvas "I used our family names as a start (written all over the canvas) I was inspired by the colours in my garden and it just developed from there." Pamela Hudson - Into The Blue - Watercolour Sally White - At Hole Park Garden - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Shed No Tears - Watercolour, Pen and Ink “The present time has thrown some things into sharp relief – all the things we liked, loved and took for granted. Sometimes we would like to cry like a little child about the hope and certainties lost. But nothing ever stays the same, anyway, even if we think it does. There is always evolution and often, with hindsight, bad things have a way of bringing about good. So shed no tears, everything will be alright in the end.”

'Animals' Art Workout 4th June 2020

Members have produced some glorious work for our fourth challenge. George Hudson - The Contented Sheep - Watercolour and Gouache Leelee Kock - Gravel - Gouache Yuriko Knott - Dog - Pastel David Aspinall - Bridie - Watercolour Angela Musil - Owl - Watercolour Gunda Cannon - Lupa Reborn - Collage with watercolour, pen and ink Alison Chandler - Swan - Acrylic and Oil Sally White - Tilly Tart - Watercolour Sheila Klein - Badger Clive Dand - Spring Lamb Judy Williams - Amo - Oil Angela Musil - My Cat - Acrylic Angela Musil - Beagle - Acrylic Angela Musil - Elephants - Watercolour Alison Chandler - Sheep - Collage

'Portaits' Art Workout 21st May 2020

Tony Langham - Portrait of Clive Dand Mike Squires - Self Portrait, Swinging Fifties Mike Squires - Kilkenny, Ireland 1930 - Metallic Watercolours on Canvas Clive Dand - Self Portrait - Oil Alison Chandler - Self Portrait Gunda Cannon - Young Boy - Charcoal David Aspinall - Hamish - Oil David Aspinall - Self Portrait - Oil Sheil Klein - Self Portrait Judy Williams - Self Portrait Graham Lock - Portrait - Pencil Angela Musil - Boy - Watercolour Leelee Kock - Self Portrait - Charcoal and Conte Pencil Angela Musil - Girl - Oil Kate Rundell - A virtual dinner for isolated friends - pen and watercolour

'Landscapes' Art Workout May 7th 2020

Wow, we have had a great response. What a wonderful variety of paintings. Pamela Hudson - Smallhythe - Watercolour George Hudson - The Curious Goose - Watercolour and Pen Alison Chandler - Oil Bernard Winchester - Bavarian Village - Watercolour David Aspinall - Bluebell Woods - Watercolour Ali Kilby Alison Chandler Clive Dand Clive Dand Chris Hautot Chris Hautot Sylvia Kellett - Afternoon at Peter's Pond - Pastel Peter Kellett - Peter Pond Gunda Cannon - Sunrise on the Beach - Watercolour John Robson John Robson Leelee Graham Lock - Watercolour Angela Musil Angela Musil Sally White Lynda Pearce

'Still Life' Art Workout 16th April 2020

Great work from members for our Still Life Workout. This is our first post. More to come. We hope you enjoy looking at our work. Comments welcome. Alison Chandler - Still Life - Oil Leelee - Spring Flowers, Gouache on Pastel Paper Judy Williams - This painting was inspired by the brilliant colour of the aubretia cascading over the terrace wall in front of her house Clive Dand - Orchids Clive Dand - Spring Garden Angela Musil Glyn Roberts - Wishing You A Pleasant Voyage Angela Musil Gunda Cannon - Rooting to Mother Earth Kate Rundell - Hot Geranium